Do Literature Festivals Promote Reading and Public Libraries? A Survey

Sheshagiri Kulkarni, M. Dhanamjaya, B. Preedip Balaji | 2017


This article is an attempt to study the relationship between public libraries, literature festivals, and reading habits in Chennai and Bangalore to understand publishing, reading and the role of public libraries to improve reading and learning among public. A pre-designed questionnaire was used for data collection at the festivals to establish the correlation among the libraries, bookshops, book fairs and literature festivals. A sample of (n= 445) was received from the respondents. The findings suggest that 47 percent of respondents do not have any kind of library memberships and largely (n=154) respondents say they own an electronic device for reading. 25 per cent say reading books is one of the top leisurely activities and distance (31.7 percent) hinders people to visit libraries for reading. 80 percent agree visiting literature festivals influence and improve reading habits. Even as the Litfests are booming to promote literature in India, there is an unique opportunity to connect the stakeholders—policy makers, publishers and libraries associated with reading, when print and digital publishing is flourishing.