Compost–Sow–Grow: iKheti’s Journey of Creating Green Jobs through Agropreneurship

Swarnika Sharma, Maitreyi Koduganti  | 2023


Staying connected to nature is perhaps one of the most fundamental human urges. While for urban dwellers, the connection may be limited to visits to a nearby park, for Mumbai-based entrepreneur Priyanka Amar Shah, it led to founding a start-up and generating livelihoods for dozens of people. Today, her start-up, iKheti, has developed into a full-fledged social enterprise.  ‘Compost–Sow–Grow’ has been iKheti’s mantra for promoting sustainable and organic farming practices among urban residents. A small nursery situated in the heart of Mumbai in Andheri West forms the epicentre of its operations.