Climate change in Gujarat: A bar towards sustainable development

Stuti Haldar, Indira Dutta | 2016


Climate change in the 21st century has emerged as a burning issue on the global platform. It has profound effects on the lives and stability of ecosystems all across the globe. Gujarat is no exception to the ambush of this perilous phenomenon. It has been noticed that the sea levels are rising, temperatures are shooting up and seasonal cycles have been disrupted frequently due to climate change in Gujarat. On the economic and industrial front Gujarat has emerged as a winning horse among all Indian states. But when we estimate its progress on the scale of sustainable development Gujarat appears to be quite behind. With the growing consciousness of the world towards the global menace of climate change we are now marching from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals. The dynamic state of Gujarat also needs to fasten its seat belts and accelerate swiftly towards the target of Sustainable Development Goals. There is an utmost need for participatory and inclusive efforts to evade the surging ecological, economic and social crisis accruing to global warming. Gujarat today needs institutional reforms and policy reforms that can mitigate the far reaching and harsh blisters of climate change especially on the poorer and vulnerable spectrum of the society. The herculean task of achieving the target Sustainable Development Goals can only be met by Gujarat if we join forces regionally, nationally and globally against the menace of climate change.