Climate Change 2022: Decision Making Options for Managing Risk

Mark New, Diana Reckien, David Viner, Carolina Adler, So-Min Cheong, Cecilia Conde, Andrew Constable, Erin Coughlan de Perez, Annamaria Lammel, Reinhard Mechler, Ben Orlove, William Solecki, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Sukaina Bharwani, Robbert Biesbroek, Laurens Bouwer, Lily Burge, Massimo Cattino, Chandni Singh … Leah Jones et. al.  | 2022

Executive Summary

Introduction and framing This chapter synthesizes observed climate change impacts (16.2), adaptation-related responses (16.3), limits to adaptation (16.4), and the key risks identified across sectors and regions (16.5). We consider how these risks accrue with increasing global average temperature; how they depend on future development and adaptation efforts; and what this implies for the Sustainable Development Goals and the five main Reasons for Concern about climate change (16.6).