Baseline Studies for Urban Sanitation: Tiruchirappalli, Periyanaicken-Palayam, Narasimhanaicken-Palayam

TNUSSP  | December 2016


TNUSSP carried out a baseline study in Tiruchirappalli city and the two town panchayats of Periyanaicken-Palayam and Narasimhanaicken-Palayam in Coimbatore district. The study aimed to profile households, establishments and schools in these locations in terms of their arrangement for toilets, existing containment types, collection, conveyance, and disposal mechanism along with water supply arrangements. Further, solid waste management and menstrual hygiene practices were also discussed and analysed. The findings from the study provide an overview of the gaps across the sanitation chain in the study locations and help in programme planning and implementation.