Assessing the Innovation Framework for Green Tourism in India.


India is a land of diverse cultures and landscapes. Owing to its kaleidoscope of cultural and natural assets India has emerged as a hub of tourism. In the contemporary era when sustainability is the buzz word, the tourism sector is recognized as the most promising industry which can bring about a balance between economy and environment, especially for developing nations like India. The tourism industry in India has large potential to ensure job opportunities, cultural exchange and higher revenues. The exchange of knowledge, industrial exhibitions, marketing, commerce, technology and economic development are main motivators for promotion of demand for tourism in India. But with growing concerns for environmental degradation due to lack of planning and management of the tourist sites arises the need to inject green innovations in this sector. It is through innovations in the current unsustainable operations in the hospitality and tourism sector of India that the goal of eco – tourism can be realised. Although there are policies framed by the State tourism ministries, yet there are several barriers in the adoption and diffusion of green technology that needs serious attention. A coupling of public as well as private sector strategies can lead to the proper operationalization of innovative measures pertaining to green tourism. This paper deals with the prospects of green innovations in the tourism sector of India. The study also aims at highlighting the public sector and market based strategies to operationalize sustainable tourism practices in the country. The challenges that impede green growth in the tourism sector have also been analysed and solutions relevant to these problems are suggested in the form of policy initiatives and green business model for tourism.