Alang Shipbreaking Industry—An Ecological Distribution Conflict

Stuti Haldar, Indira Dutta | 2017


The Alang-Sosiya Shipbreaking industry is an important source of employment generation and has the potential of producing economic benefits in terms of mild steel and other reusable equipment, furniture, cutlery, etc. However there is a significant human and labour cost associated with this industry which has emerged as a more sinister form of garbage imperialism for the third world. Most of the heavy shipbreaking in the world takes place on the yards of developing nations such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan as the economic values dominate the market in these countries. This volume offers valuable insights into the occupational and environmental health hazards faced by marginalized migrant labour working on the yards of Alang-Sosiya. It also paints a picture of the administrative and legislative loopholes regarding transboundary trade of wastes which has led to transition economies being treated as pollution heavens by the industrialised countries of the world. The study endeavours to draw the attention of national and international organisations as well as civil societies towards the perilous nature of the shipbreaking industry in India and hence emphasises the need for policy reforms to pave way for a sustainable ship recycling process especially in the third world.