Notes on Editing

Surabhi Sharma in conversation with Bina Paul and Namrata Rao  |  8 October 2017  |  New Delhi

Surabhi Sharma will be in conversation with Bina Paul and Namrata Rao, editors whose work has defined pathbreaking films in Indian cinema. Both editors have worked on fiction and non-fiction films. The session will try to delve into the warp and weft of what their film editing practice constitutes, and how this has shaped key cinematic moments. Both editors began editing in different eras which saw the rise of different technologies. The conversation will try and probe how this technological change has influenced their practice, and the world of images and sound they have shaped.

Surabhi Sharma studied film direction at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, and made her first film in 2001.
She has worked on several feature length documentaries apart from some short fiction films and video installations.  Her key concern has been documenting cities in transition through the lens of labour, music and migration, and most recently reproductive labour. Cinema verite and ethnography are the genres that inform her filmmaking.

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