Manufactured Realities: Triumph of the Film

Madhusree Dutta and Joshy Joseph  |  4 March 2016  |  Bengaluru

Much has been said about putting the “real” in the reality that documentary films seek to represent. This discussion seeks to engage its panelists, whose work carries a characteristic, playful language of film making, in a discussion on reality and realism and their thoughts on the formal possibilities of the non-fiction film.


Madhusree Dutta is a filmmaker and curator of inter-disciplinary art practices. Her non-fiction films on urbanology, identity politics and contemporary culture-scapes have been widely screened and awarded nationally and internationally. They are also part of the syllabus in various university depts. and study centres. She has been jury to several national and international film festivals, including Berlinale, 2015.

Madhusree Dutta is the former Executive Director of Majlis, a Centre for Inter-disciplinary Arts Initiatives in Mumbai. She has authored and edited books on Public Cultures, curated large scale art events, designed various pedagogical courses, and initiated several public access image archive projects.

In November 2015, Madhusree has relinquished her National Film Awards in protest against the prevalent cultural intolerance and state interference in academic institutions.

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