Unlimited Girls

Paromita Vohra


Unlimited Girls (2002) is a cult Indian documentary that asks the question: What does it mean to be a feminist? A young woman we know only as Fearless stumbles into a feminist chatroom where her reluctance to take on the label ‘feminist’ leads to conversations about family, love, politics, history, orgasms, collectives, bra-burning and choices with a varied cast of characters with screen names like Atilla the Nun and MarxistUsha.

These fictional conversations are interwoven with conversations with real-life feminists who share their experiences of anger, resilience, the struggles and the joys of being part of the Indian feminist movement, and conversations also with Bombay’s first woman cab-driver, a scriptwriting cop, teachers, couples, young people about their journeys and questions of feminism. The simple yet deeply philosophical voice of Fearless make  the feelings and thoughts that go behind ‘ being a feminist’ palpable.

With its hyperkinetic use of different forms – parody advertisements, animation, interview and fictional chatrooms – the film is a quintessential work of digital art, an evocative primer on thinking about a feminist life, and for a new generation of film watchers, a look into recent histories of our ‘now’.

More Info

Paromita Vohra is a filmmaker, writer and dedicated antakshari player, whose work mixes fiction and non-fiction to explore themes of urban life, popular culture, love, desire and gender. Some of her films as director include Partners in Crime, Morality TV and the Loving Jehad: A Thrilling Tale, Q2P, Where’s Sandra,Cosmopolis: Two Tales of a City, Un-limited Girls and The Amorous Adventures of Megha and Shakku in the Valley of Consent among others.  She is the writer of the fiction feature Khamosh Pani/Silent Waters, several documentaries, the play Ishqiya Dharavi Ishtyle, and the comic Priya’s Mirror. Her fiction and non-fiction writing has been widely published and she writes a weekly opinion column Paronormal Activity in Sunday Midday. She is the founder and creative director of Agents of Ishq, India’s best-loved website about sex and desire.

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