National Student Challenge 2013 - Winners

Six hundred million new urban citizens by 2050— India’s urban transition is an unprecedented challenge and opportunity. India’s cities, towns and villages are changing at a rapid pace with profound consequences for the economy, equity, culture, politics and sustainability. How will we address the simultaneous and complex needs for effective governance, good infrastructure, social protection and environmental management? How can we build effective, sustainable and equitable cities?

The answers begin with engagement. Transform Urban India is a platform for interdisciplinary interventions and team-based practice and learning for stakeholders ranging from students to professionals, government leaders to activists, urban researchers to industry veterans and, importantly, all of us. Transform Urban India aims to engage, learn, reflect, act, sustain and facilitate the champions of positive change across the country. It does so through the National Student Challenge, Photography Contests, Webinars, Hackathons, Urban Cafes, Essay Competitions, and online discussion groups, to name just a few!

At IIHS, we are committed to creating awareness about India’s urban challenges and find sustainable solutions by connecting and engaging with all relevant stakeholders. Join us to transform urban India!