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IIHS sees practice as deeply connected with its teaching, learning and research agendas, as well as a core part of its mission of urban transformation. Currently, the emerging IIHS Practice programme provides advisory services to national and state governments, public, para-statal municipal agencies, international agencies and private firms in the broad area of human settlements and urbanisation. Across different projects, it focuses on providing cutting edge and integrated solutions to some of India’s emerging urban development challenges that draw from and are located in the particular economic, spatial, institutional and political realities of Indian settlements. In addition to institutional projects, IIHS faculty also individually serve on a number of national and state level government committees and policy fora. Our key practice areas are below.

Practice Areas

Urban and Peri-Urban Areas
Environmental Sustainability
Green Growth
Resilience Planning
Environmental Planning

Urban Rural Linkages
New and Emerging Towns
Secondary Towns
Urban-Peri-Urban Development Strategies

Climate Change and Disaster Risk
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
Disaster Risk Reduction
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Urban Economic Development
Informal Sector Livelihoods
Economic Geography of Urbanisation

Urban Poverty Reduction
Environmental Services for the Poor
Affordable Housing

Water and Environmental Services
Water Resources and Drinking Water
Household and Environmental Sanitation
Solid Waste Management

Affordable Housing
Rental Housing

Sustainable Transportation Planning

Urban Land Governance and Management
Land Acquisition, R&R
Land Registration and records management

Higher Education

Institutions, Law and Governance
Institutional and Human Development
Urban Governance and Decentralization
Public Private Partnerships
Community Management of Urban Services