Rashi Tiwari

Manager- Academics | rtiwari at iihs dot ac dot in

2014    PGDM, IMT-CDL, Ghaziabad
2009    PhD, Biochemistry, University of Fribourg, Fribourg
2000    MSc, Medical Biotechnology, PGIMER, Chandigarh
1998    PGD, Bio-chemical Technology, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, New Delhi
1996    BSc, Microbiology, Nagpur University, Nagpur

Countries: India
States: Karnataka
Cities: Bengaluru
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, German, French

Rashi Tiwari earned her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Nagpur University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Bio-Chemical Technology from University of Delhi, a Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology from PGIMER in Chandigarh, a Ph D in Biochemistry from the University Fribourg in Switzerland and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IMT-CDL in Ghaziabad.


Her current interest lies in higher education administration. She has worked in this capacity earlier at NCBS where she took up a Scientific Administrative post managing the Academic Office at NCBS/inStem. There she coordinated various academic programmes: PhD, IntPhD, Postdoctoral programmes, internships etc. both at national as well as International levels.

At IIHS, Rashi is responsible for the administrative aspects of the Urban Fellows Programme.

Previous Teaching Experience

2016 – 2017 Conducted lab Safety course for all the new academic personnel recruited each month describing the safety aspects while working in a Lab and personal Safety measures to be taken care while in or around the Campus.
2005-2007 Introductory practical courses on Biochemical techniques to analyse DNA, RNA and Protein Samples

Journal Articles

  • Tiwari, R., Köffel, R., & Schneiter, R. (2007). An acetylation /deacetylation cycle controls the export of sterols and steroids from S. cerevisiae. The EMBO Journal, 26(24), 5109-5119.
  • Köffel, R., Tiwari, R., Falquet, L., & Schneiter, R. (2005). The Saccharomyces cerevisiae YLL012/YEH1, YLR020/YEH2, and TGL1 genes encode a novel family of membrane-anchored lipases that are required for steryl ester hydrolysis. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 25(5), 1655-1668.


Books/ Book Chapters

  • Schneiter, R., & Tiwari, R. (2009) Sterol acetylation and export from yeast and mammalian cells: acetylation of sterols and steroids controls their export in yeast and mammalian cells. Germany: VDM Verlag.
  • 2010 Presented Poster at The EMBO Meeting, 4 – 7 September, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2006 Presented Poster at the Swiss Yeast meeting, Basel, Switzerland
  • 2006 Presented Poster at 24th Small Meeting on Yeast Transport and Energetics (SMYTE), Prague.
  • 2005 Presented Poster and attended the FEBS-EMBO Advanced Lecture Course on “Cellular and Molecular Biology of Membranes” FEBS conference, Cargese Corsica, France.
  • 2004 Presented Poster at Swiss yeast meeting, Fribourg, Switzerland.