Workshop on Writing for Digital Media

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Programme Date: To Be Announced

Workshop Description

Do you work with your institution’s Communications or Social Media team? Do you write blog posts and connect with a larger audience on Twitter or Facebook by running web campaigns? Do you have your own blog but wish that you could reach your views to a wider audience?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then this course is just for you.

Overview of the course
The course will focus on writing for two different electronic platforms—Social Media and Blogs. It will specifically cover the following.

  • How to manage an institution’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • How to run a Social Media or web campaign
  • How to write blogs for institutional as well as personal platforms

It will explore how learners can leverage the strengths of these platforms while also moving past the limitations of each. It will help learners understand the nuances of each platform, and how to tailor their writing skills to write across these different registers given the growing importance of the electronic writing space and how Social Media ties it all together.

Learner profile
  • Professionals who work with Communications teams and manage Social Media platforms of organisations
  • Students of journalism, mass media and communications, and publishing
Current challenges
  • Writing to make a connect with an institution’s intended audience
  • Writing to make maximum impact across registers on the same subject
  • Publicising content in a more effective way given the soaring volumes of e-writing

Prerequisite: Active social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and any Blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Weebly etc.)

Key Learners Achievements
  • Creating web campaigns
  • Writing relevant institutional blogs to target the intended audience
  • Writing to make maximum impact across registers
  • Publicizing content in a more effective way given the soaring volumes of e-writing

The course will be broken up into two sections: Social Media and Blogging, and will be conducted through a mix of discussions and hands-on exercises. We will do a critical review of examples taken from existing online content to understand whether the platform was used effectively or not. The results of the exercises will be shared in the class and peer-reviewed.

Lesson Plan

Over all course Structure

Time Sessions
0930 – 1030 Introduction to the course, aims and methods, and warm up.
1030 – 1130 Social Media – Understand how you judge a good tweet or FB post. Review some institutions’ Social Media channels and their impact. Discuss existing successful web campaigns and the strategies that have been used.
1130 – 1300 Exercise: Class to split up into groups of 5 and create a web campaign composed of tweets, FB posts and other relevant information. One hour allotted to complete. Each group will present for 5 minutes and then review the presentations.
1300 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1430 Blogs—History: From journal to blogs, purpose of the blog, voice/writing style of personal versus institutional blog.
1430 – 1530 Discussion: Good institutional and personal blogs, blog posts that went viral and why, and dos and don’ts of blog writing.
1530 -1630 Exercise: Turning an FB post into a blog of 500 words. This exercise must be completed in one hour so that there is time to review with the instructors.
1630 – 1700 Blog posts to be read out loud in class and discussed. Review of entire session and wrap-up.