Ways of Seeing – An Urban-centric Workshop on Photography

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Programme Date: 7 – 11 August, 2015

What do we see in an image? What does it tell us? Does it tell us a story? Does the story change with the viewer? Or with the maker?

Images have the power to create lasting impressions. They capture a moment in time which lasts with us for generations, telling multiple stories with every viewer.

Over the course of a day, we create and consume innumerable images. Advances in technology have enabled this proliferation of images in different forms and for different functions. This excess compels a second look at the very idea of the image, its construction and impact.

‘Ways of Seeing – An Urban-centric workshop on Photography’ is designed to challenge the learner to tell stories about a city through images in exciting ways that combines the new and the old. The course seeks to create a lens for rich and varied ways of seeing our urban environment, and how these different ways of seeing can be channelized in one’s creative practice.

Course features

The workshop delves into the working of both digital and analog photography and the narratives associated with images.

The workshop will feature

  • The history and development of the ideas around photography and image-making
  • Detailed sessions, both theory and application, about the working of DSLRs and SLRs
  • Detailed session on building a pinhole camera from found objects
  • Hands-on sessions for the development of photographs
  • Hands-on session for the post-processing of photographs
  • A public exhibition on the photographs taken by the participants
Who should attend

Photography enthusiasts, Story tellers, Students and professionals involved in journalism, mass media, urban studies, advertising, publishing and communications

Key learner achievements

At the end of the workshop, the learners will:

  • Have a theoretical and historical background of the medium of photography and its underlying principles
  • Be familiar with the working knowledge of digital and analog photography
  • Be able to build a camera from found objects in our surroundings
  • Be able to develop a photograph in the classical darkroom method
  • Be able to carry out the digital post-processing of images to suit the photographer /project
  • Be familiar with story-telling about cities through the medium of images
Course Schedule
Session Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Morning Session Introduction to the ideas around image-making. Discussing theory and practice of photography through the works of various


Introduction to the pinhole camera and its construction DSLR camera technical session, followed by practica Shooting exercise
Afternoon Session Technical session on development of cameras and technology over the years. Practical exercise & review Shooting with a pinhole camera and a room sized camera obscura

Development of the photos

Image Post – Processing Session.

Discussion of project ideas.

Review of photographs,

Selection of pictures for exhibition

Workshop Requirements

Participants are expected to carry their own:

  • Laptop (recommended configuration)
    • RAM: 4 GB or higher
    • Processor: i3/Core 2 Duo or higher
  • DSLR or SLR Camera
Faculty Profile
Course Fee

Professionals: INR 12,000/-
Group of 3 or more Professionals : INR 10,000/- per person
Students : INR 10,000/-

We are currently extending a 15% discount across all categories. HURRY!!!

Important Dates

7 – 11 August, 2015 | 9:30 am – 5 pm | IIHS Bangalore City Campus

Course fee will include reading material, refreshments and lunch for all 3 days. Participants will have to make their own arrangements for travel to and from the venue, as well as their accommodation and dinner.