Working with Digital Maps – a Course on Geospatial Technology (GIS), offered by the Geospatial Lab

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Understanding Geospatial Technology

This 3 day course aims to equip participants with application-oriented knowledge of GIS in data collection, creation, and analysis to web presentation. It introduces the various components of GIS, its relevance to spatial data and how to implement it in the participant’s field of work.

Course Description

Appropriate and efficient management of geographic information greatly improves the quality of planning and management. The course is designed to strengthen the working knowledge of participants by integrating Geospatial Technology with their field of work.

This is an application oriented course designed to introduce geospatial technology to professionals, Government officials and students. The course aims to: 

  • Provide an understanding of Geospatial Technology and its applications
  • Equip participants with a hands-on understanding of GIS software (QGIS) and the use of GPS hand-held devices
  • Educate on the potential use of GIS technology for data creation, analysis, visualization and sharing
  • Sensitize participants to the use of GIS in their field of work for better decision making
Who Should Attend
  • Working professionals – Government organizations or private practitioners.
  • Students

(GIS has been successfully used in more than 100 disciplines, but predominantly anyone who is working with geography will get better benefits)

Course Objective

Learners will understand:

  • Efficient management of geographic information
  • Location based decision making
  • Visualizing scenarios based on geography
  • Collecting site information
  • Sharing maps over web
Course Requirements

Participants are expected to bring their own laptops, and an internet dongle for the course.


Over all course Structure

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Understanding Geospatial Technology Data Creation: Data collection using GPS Data Presentation & Sharing: Preparing cartographic maps and techniques to share over web
Data Creation: Working on Open source GIS s/w Data Analysis: Spatial techniques for data analysis using s/w Real life applications of Geospatial Technology