The second edition of the National Student Challenge was launched in the month of July 2012. The outreach process was more widespread and a total of 527 teams registered to participate in the Challenge.

Specialists from both within and outside IIHS followed a rigorous evaluation process to shortlist 26 teams. Subject matter experts mentored these teams to help them work on their proposals. The mentor pool was drawn from IIHS internal networks and two mentor partners, CIIE MentorEdge and The Indus Entrepreneurs, Bangalore and from other institutions in West Bengal and Odisha. The teams worked with the assigned mentors for a period of five weeks to refine their business models. The semi-finals were held at the IIHS Bangalore City Campus on December 6, 2012. Six teams were shortlisted to present their solutions to a Grand Jury

Winning Proposals

Kumej is a light collapsible floor seater primarily aimed at allowing underprivileged students (age group 6-10 years old) in street or rural schools to carry and create their own comfortable work space surface.

This design idea is focused on introducing a bicycle-sharing system for short distance travelling from railway stations to other destinations. The concept is to create an alternate system of public transport in the city and reduce the pressure on other modes of transport.

Team Urbana presented a solution on building a comprehensive waste collection cum recycling system with a modular scalable business model in Kolkata, and applicable to any other urban setup.

With further directions from our mentors, we began viewing the city more critically and ultimately broke it down to our version of a basic urban unit- a physical manifestation of humans in the present that is intended for the future.

-Team Kumej

IIHS filled us with hope that these issues can be addressed. The cities of a developing country have grave issues that can be sorted with the help of platforms such as NSC. The perception of having an improved urbanism lies in the hands of the young citizens of that city.

-Team Mool-A-Roop

NSC has given us an opportunity to pursue our dreams. It has given us the hope that what we think "should be done" as responsible citizens can be done by ourselves.

-Team Urbana