SEMINAR: Challenges to sustaining efficient bus based Public Transport systems

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Seminar Date: 29 May, 2015 | 5 PM – 7 PM | Free for public | IIHS Bangalore City Campus 

Seminar Description

This seminar aims to sensitize learners on the complexity of sustainably operating bus based public transport services. It highlights the many challenges and trade-offs state run bus agencies face in delivering a good quality affordable bus based public transport services in India’s metropolitan cities.

City bus services are the primary mode of public transport serving most of the commuter demand in Indian cities wherever they exist. The absence of bus services in most cities combined with inefficient bus services in other cities on the other is resulting in a rapid modal shift to privately owned vehicles in these cities.

There is an urgent need to effectively plan city bus systems in Indian cities and develop these services in an affordable and efficient manner for its long term sustainability.

Discussion points
  • Evolution of public transport in Indian cities
  • Challenges in sustaining quality bus transport services
Who Should Attend

Public transport practitioners from urban local bodies, transport departments, transport planning authorities as well as students and researchers engaged with public transport issues in the Indian context.