Planning for Activists

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Programme Date: 6 – 7 November 2015 | IIHS Bangalore City Campus

Workshop Description

How can activists working for housing rights and the right to the city be effective in their campaigns and advocacy efforts? Over the years, various movements for housing rights have realized the importance of building technical, institutional and legal capacity to challenge more exclusive forms of urban development.

This two-day bilingual workshop brings together housing rights activists from a number of cities across India to strengthen our collective capacities in urban planning. Core areas will focus on the technical aspects of the Master Plan as well as other planning and governance tools that shape urban development in our cities. The workshop will enable participants to develop a campaign strategy for their city, using and applying the knowledge they gain over the two days.

Learner profile

Housing rights activists and practitioners.

Key Learner Achievements
  1. Awareness of urban planning and master planning as a statutory planning process
  2. Understanding the processes, components and stakeholders involved in the preparation of a Master Plan
  3. Ability to critically appreciate the challenges and possibilities of the Master Plan
  4. Ability to understand planning practice as a productive relationship between politics, policy, institution, instrument (the Plan) and practitioners
  5. Equipped to initiate city level campaigns aiming to co-create the Master Plan

The workshop will be taught in a bi-lingual format using both Hindi and English languages. The workshop’s pedagogy shall involve a series of interactive presentations, teaching cases, experience-sharing open houses, campaign exercises and formal/informal exchanges between participants and facilitators. Participants, in small groups, will be expected to work on specific city level campaigns developed for this workshop.