Noon Day Dispensary

Noon Day Dispensary
is part of a video series from the Savda-Ghevra Resettlement Colony, Delhiʼs newest resettlement colony, started in 2006. These videos-in-making, are meant to disrupt easy narratives around eviction, resettlement and city planning.

They are produced spontaneously and attempt to reclaim the style and philosophies of cinema verite as a way to film and be in places. Consequently these videos are also a response to developmental documentaries and rights based agendas as dominant ways to explain the world and tell stories.

This video has been filmed at the government run free dispensary that is open from 8am – 2pm every day in the colony. This is not an unusual day at the dispensary.

About the Director
Priya Sen is an artist and filmmaker based in New Delhi. She works with video as poetry, essay and correspondence, and is interested in constructing video and sound structures and environments. She has worked at Sarai-CSDS in Delhi and taught at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore. She has been at residencies at Gasworks and Nottingham Contemporary in the UK, and at the Khoj Studios in Delhi.