Memory of a Light

Memory of a Light is a visual essay on nostalgia for the childhood house. What makes the experience of the first home so unforgettable? Does the core of this experience lie in the structure and design of the house or in things that cannot be measured, yet make impressions on the senses? From memories of architectural details to accounts of lived experience, the film moves between many rooms, many corners of a past and windows of the present, exploring the core of the childhood home.

About the Director
Sandhya Kumar is an independent filmmaker and editor. She has been making documentaries and experimental shorts since 2007. All her films are rooted in the non-fiction, and inspired by the desire to make visible the poetry of everyday life. Sandhya holds an MFA in Film from San Francisco Art Institute, and an MA in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia University, New Delhi. Her work has been shown in international art and film contexts, such as The Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley; SF MOMA; The 3rd i South Asian Film Festival and International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala. She is the recipient of the ARThinkSouthAsia Fellowship 2011, an Art Research & Documentation grant from the India Foundation for the Arts, 2011 and a National Film Award, 2013. She lives and works out of Bangalore.