Lakshmee Vinayak Sharma

External Consultant | lsharma at iihs dot ac dot in

2015    MSc, Social Anthropology, University of Oxford, London
2014    BA, Sociology, Psychology, and Literatures, Christ University, Bangalore

Countries: India
States: Karnataka, Uttarakhand
Cities: Bengaluru, Kumaon
Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada

Lakshmee Sharma is part of the Academics and Research team at IIHS. A graduate of Social Anthropology, her regional research focus is South Asia and the Global South. Her thematic focus is rural and urban livelihoods, agrarian women, labour migration, transnationalism, and diaspora.


At IIHS, she works on the Tacit Urban Research Network (TURN) Project – Ford Foundation grant, as an external consultant. Her scope of services would include creating research design and field tools, fieldwork, data analysis, and producing research papers based on data. Lakshmee is keen on understanding urban livelihood and labour through this work and the way it operates in the world of Platform Economy.  


She has previously worked with the American India Foundation Clinton Fellow with Gene Campaign in Uttarakhand, where her work involved setting up a millet value chain to ensure income generation for women farmers in the Kumaon Valley. Prior to that, she briefly interned at IIHS with the People Function and Campus Development teams.

Research Projects at IIHS

2017 Tacit Urban Knowledge Network