Natasha SK

Post - Doctoral Fellow | natashask at iihs dot ac dot in

2017    PhD, Social Science, Syracuse University, New York, USA
2009    Masters, Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
2007    Bachelors, Economics, Fergusson College, University of Pune, Pune



Countries: India
States: Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
Cities: Delhi, Dehradun, Bengaluru
Languages: English, Hindi

Natasha has a Masters in Development Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Maharashtra, and is pursuing her PhD in Social Science from Syracuse University, New York, USA. Her dissertation is a qualitative examination of the functioning of a rural development project in Uttarakhand, with a special focus on a particular project activity centred around an agro-ecological method of crop production, the System of Crop Intensification (SCI). Environmental changes and disasters along with rapid transformations in the rural economy in Uttarakhand has engendered a renewed interest in non-mainstream farming practices. However, the success and/or failure rates of adoption of new agricultural methods and technologies remains a poorly understood phenomenon. Studies of adoption rates tend to focus on the aspects of the technology itself, rather than its social life.


Drawing from science, technology and society studies, agrarian studies, scholarship on rural livelihoods, political ecology, gender studies and practice theory, this research study examines how the discourse of SCI is articulated differently in different spaces, and the implications of these variations for extension and adoption practices. At IIHS she works with the CARIAA project as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Practice Projects at IIHS

 2017-18 CARIAA project

Previous Teaching Experience

2016 Institution: Syracuse University

Journal Articles  

  • Koshy, N. S., & Parasuraman, S. (2017). Gender (In)justice across spheres. Economic & Political Weekly, 52(27), 68-76.
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  • Koshy, N. S. (2017, April). Creating Categories: Climate Change and Migrant Labour in Maharashtra. Paper presented at the Work, Labour and Citizenship Conference, Syracuse, USA.
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  • Koshy, N. S. (2016, October) The social life of data: Whose data counts?. Paper presented at the 45th Annual Conference on South Asia. Wisconsin, USA.
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