Kenrick Mascarenhas

Senior Associate - Practice | kmascarenhas at iihs dot ac dot in

2015    MSc, Environmental Sustainability & Technology, University of Southern Denmark
2010    BE, Mechanical Engineering, St. Joseph Engineering College, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Mangalore



Countries: India
States: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
Cities: Mangalore, Bangalore, Pondicherry
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani

Kenrick Mascarenhas has a Masters in Environmental Technology from the University of Southern Denmark. His Master’s thesis project at Syddansk University is part of the Power-to-Gas Biological Catalysis (P2G-BioCat) project in Denmark, which will use hydrogen produced using excess wind power to convert biogas from sewage sludge into methane that can then be injected into the local gas network. This new Danish energy project will illustrate how future energy systems can be better integrated. His research work titled ‘Integrated Biogas Upgrading with Utilization of Hydrogen in an Anaerobic Reactor’ is part of the same project.


At IIHS, Kenrick is part of the Design Lab currently involved in the planning, research and execution of a 55-acre site located at Kengeri, Bengaluru. He is helping chart out an ‘ecological master plan’ and resource monitoring systems for both short-term and long-term evaluation of the site. He is also involved in tracking IIHS’ environmental impact and implementing efficiency measures. As part of the ongoing ‘Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA)’, Kenrick worked on a climate change and adaptation project with focus on select semi-arid transects of the Indian peninsular region at differential vulnerability across scales from city to sub-region, through ecosystem services theme and framework. In particular, his research focuses on the dynamics of hydrological services in a rapidly urbanising watershed in the city of Bangalore in South India. With an explicit focus on the distribution of services, the study also seeks to identify institutional mechanism and management practices that could enable a more equitable distribution across regions and people.


Prior to joining IIHS, Kenrick worked with projects exploring off-grid renewable energy systems, machine design, ecological agriculture, landscape ecology and wastewater systems.

Research Projects at IIHS

2016-17 IIHS Campus Development
2016-17 IIHS Energy and Environmental Monitoring
2016-17 Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR)

Book Chapter

Mascarenhas, K., Basu, R., Bazaz, A. (2016). Affordable and clean energy: An Indian perspective. In Urban policy dialogues: Operationalising SDGs. Bangalore: Indian Institute for Human Settlements. doi.org/10.24943/updsdg2016_2


Other Writing

2015 Integrated Biogas Upgrading with Utilisation of Hydrogen in an Anaerobic Reactor.