Atreyee Bhattacharya

Post - Doctoral Affiliate (Consultant) | abhattacharya at iihs dot ac dot in

2012    PhD, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard, Cambridge, MA
2005    MSc, Applied Geosciences, IIT Kharagpur
2003    BSc, Geology, Presidency College, Kolkata



Countries: India, United States
States: Maharashtra, Karnataka
Cities: Pune, Bengaluru
Languages: English, Bengali

Atreyee Bhattacharya has a PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Atreyee’s research focuses on using proxy observations and data analytics to reconstructing climate variability and quantifying impact on marine and terrestrial resources (primarily land based resources in semi-arid regions); her research helps assessing impact of climate variability on coastal resources and human decision making (such as migration, agriculture and conflict).


She is particularly intrigued by climate-environment-society interactions in semi-arid regions over long timescales and as such, takes a long view of issues such as the Common Era. She is trained in geochemical applications within the broad discipline of earth sciences. Her research focuses on paleoclimate applications to understand how climate variability affects the interaction between human societies and environments.


She is fascinated by timescales in such cases as climate variability to impact a human-environment system; the response of the stressed system, the duration between the impact and response and the evolution of the response. Her research has encompassed timescales of human interest (tens to hundred years), natural systems (hundreds of years) and in the recent past, of geological systems (millions of years). She enjoys working with students–undergraduates and graduates alike–and finds collaborative research approaches (cross-cutting disciplines) most invigorating, intriguing and important, especially given the global nature of the challenges we face.

Research Projects at IIHS

 2016 Climate Impacts in Sangamer

Characterizing decadal and multi-decadal hydroclimate variability in central Maharashtra.

Understanding the principle drivers of decadal and multidecadal droughts in Maharashtra India.

Identifying at-risk regions that could be impacted by droughts in the next century.


Practice Projects at IIHS

 2016 Central Indian monsoon data archiving


Commons Terrestrial and marine environments
Concentrations Semi-arid regions, drought and conflict, marine environments
Concentration Elective Courses Paleoclimate and proxy records



Previous Teaching Experience

2015 Courses related to marine environment, Introduction to Environmental Studies and Advanced Writing Course as a faculty member at University of Colorado Boulder
2013-2014 Introduction to Environmental Sciences (including distance learning), North Carolina State University
2006-2007 How to Build a Habitable Planet (TA)

Relevant invited talks

February 2016 Saharan dust preserving the drought history of the Sahel? Exploring the coupling between drought and dust in semi-arid regions. Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA
July 2014 “Can we improve the relationship between regional climate models and high resolution historical climate data?” University of Minnesota, Expeditions in computing climate change colloquium
June 2013 A. Bhattacharya and L. Roeder. “Role of institutions in improving climate communication”. AGU Chapman conference on “Communicating climate science, a historic look into the future” (June, 2013)