Cities on Speed: Bogota Change

Fifty percent of the world’s population is now living in urban areas. By 2050, this figure is expected to increase to 80 percent. The result will be an explosion of huge megacities posing serious local and global challenges.

Bogotá Change is the story of two charismatic mayors, Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa who, with unorthodox methods, in less than 10 years turned one of the worlds most dangerous, violent and corrupt capitals into a peaceful model city populated by caring citizens. With Mockus and Peñalosa and key members of their staff as first hand witnesses, the film uncovers the ideas, philosophies and strategies that underlie the changes in Bogotá and which are now being exported to cities worldwide.

About the Director
Andreas Dalsgaard is a director and writer, known for The Human Scale (2012), Afghan Muscles (2006) and Copenhagen (2009).