Blended Learning

Interdisciplinary urban studies, with an aim to bridge research and practice, is not yet widely available in the higher education system in India and globally, despite the need for trained academics and practitioners to work with rapid urbanisation in the global South and across the world. However, constraints of time and place restrict advanced learning possibilities not only for existing academics and practitioners but also for interested citizens.


Blended learning at IIHS is, therefore, a means to achieve some of the following objectives:

  • Communicate with a diverse group and wider (geographic and disciplinary) audiences
  • Achieve IIHS’ core objectives of access and inclusion, by offering high quality content at low monetary and opportunity costs
  • Enable learner agency in pacing their own learning process
  • Bring in experts from India and across the world as well as enable greater peer-to-peer learning.


Currently IIHS is partnering with the SDG Academy to develop and deliver an online course on Sustainable Cities, which is running its second iteration this year. This course has been very successful and has already been accessed by over 11,000 learners from across the world.


In future, IIHS will continue to explore partnerships with other national and international knowledge agencies to co-produce and deliver content to connect a wider network of experts with more learners.


MOOC on Sustainable Cities

Susan Parnell
Targets and Indicators for the UrbanSDG