Varun Bhargava

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vbhargava at iihs dot ac dot in

Masters in City Planning; University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical; Thapar University, Patiala;


Varun likes conversing about a broad range of topics from identity politics to the latest artists in the genres of shoegaze/ black metal/ trip-hop. He loves train journeys, the Himalayas and the Bangalore weather.

He is studying forced or purposeful migration and the ways in which cities cope with dislocated people, with a focus on housing, access to a livelihood, and social organization. He also spend hours on maps; find me if you’re interested in discovering impractical but cool places to camp.

At IIHS he will be working on two projects and two cities – Chennai and Bangalore – to study patterns of changes to drainage patterns in the cities, the challenges faced by the cities, and the differential vulnerability of settlements within the two cities.