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Senior Associate – Practice

M.Sc (University of Twente)


Teja works in the areas of natural hazard, risk and vulnerability assessment using remote sensing and geographic information systems, and has experience in post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation. He is currently part of an 18-month long research project titled Disaster related Resettlement and Relocation in Urban Areas, supported by CDKN Climate compatible development Impact Research Fund. His recent assignments include developing cases and films on urban risks; geospatial analysis for the state of Odisha and selected cities for identifying locations for high-intensity economic agglomerations. His previous assignments include capacity building for disaster safe construction in Assam; supporting communities affected by the ethnic violence in Kokrajhar, Assam; studying wastewater use for irrigation purpose in peri-urban areas of major cities of Gujarat.

Teja has an M.Sc in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation with specialization in Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management from University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands and B.Arch from Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Selected Publications
  1. Jain, G., & Malladi, T. (2017, Forthcoming). Geography of risk in Urban India. International Journal of Disaster risk science.
  2. Bazaz, A., Jana, A., Revi, A., Malladi, T (2016). Urban India 2016: Evidence. Bangalore: Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
  3. Jain, G., & Malladi, T. (2016). Understanding risk concentration in urban India. In P. T. Costa, D. Quino, & R. A. C. Garcia (Eds.), ICUR2016 Proceedings. Paper presented at the International Conference on Urban Risks, Lisbon, 30 June-02 July (pp. 43-50). Lisbon: European Centre on Urban Risks.
  4. Jain, G., Bazaz, A., Jigyasu, R., Malladi, T., Balasubramanian, A., Ramoji, S., . . . Raju, J. S. M. (2016). Reducing relocation risk in urban India: a diagnostic. Bangalore: Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
  5. Revi, A., Jana, A., Malladi, T., Anand, G., Anand, S., Bazaz, A., . . . Shah, S. (2015). Urban India 2015: Evidence. Bangalore: Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
  6. Jain, G., Jigyasu, R., Gajjar, S.P., & Malladi, T. (2014). Cities provide Transformational Opportunity to Reduce: Risk Accumulation. (IIHS-RF paper on Indian Urban Risk and Resilience). Bangalore:  Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
  7. Malladi, V. P. T. (2012). Earthquake Building Vulnerability and Damage Assessment with reference to Sikkim Earthquake, 2011 (Unpublished master’s thesis). University of Twente, Netherlands.
  8. Palrecha, A., Kapoor, D., & Malladi, T. (2012). Wastewater irrigation in Gujarat [India] : an exploratory study (Water Policy Research Highlight, 30). Gujarat, India: IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program.

For more details, see Google Scholar profile.

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