Tanvi V Deshpande


TanviResearch Associate – Practice
tdeshpande at iihs dot ac dot in

MSc. Climate Change, University College (UCL);
BSc. Environmental Science, Fergusson College, University of Pune;
BSc. Chemistry, Fergusson College, University of Pune


Tanvi is a research assistant at IIHS and works on the CARIAA – ASSAR research programme.

Her research interests include investigating the role of governance, development and policies in the climate debate, as well as understanding the complex networks at the local, state and central level. At IIHS she is assisting with climate research (climate vulnerability and adaptation) and project management activities.

She has previously worked with Indian and international organizations such as the Centre for Law and Environment (UCL), London; Department of Environment Government of N.C.T of Delhi; Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi; and Sea Movement, Chennai.


Jubilee Scholarship, British Council, 2012-2013
Pune Intercollegiate Consortium fellowship, 2011


Teaching assistant for Climate Dynamics & Modeling and Paleoclimate

Selected Publications
  1. Ziervogel, G., Pelling, M., Cartwright, A., Chu, E., Deshpande, T., Harris, L.,… Zweig, P. (2017). Inserting rights and justice into urban resilience: a focus on everyday risk. Environment & Urbanization, 29(1), 123–138.
  2. Singh, C., Deshpande, T., & Basu, R. (2017). How do we assess vulnerability to climate change in India? A systematic review of literature. Regional Environmental Change, 17(2), 527-538.
  3. Chandni, S., Gajjar, S. P., & Deshpande, T. (2016). Policies, Projects and People: Exploring the Adaptation-development Spectrum in India (CARIAA-ASSAR Working Paper 2).  Ottawa, Canada: International Development Research Centre.
  4. Deshpande, T., Srinivas, A., & Singh, C. (2016). Whose assessment counts? the difficulty of measuring vulnerability. ASSAR Blog. Retrieved from http://www.assar.uct.ac.za/news/whose-assessment-counts-difficulty-measuring-vulnerability
  5. Singh, C., Bendapudi, R., Deshpande, T., & Solomon, D. (2015). The adaptation development spectrum. In Revi, A., Bazaz, A., Krishnaswamy, J., Bendapudi, R., Souza, M. D., & Gajjar, S. P. (Eds.), Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in semi-arid areas in India (ASSAR Working Paper, pp. 91-141). Cape Town, S.A.: ASSAR PMU, University of Cape Town.
  6. Mane, A. V., Deshpande, T. V., Wagh, V. B., Karadge, B. A., & Samant, J. S. (2011). A critical review on physiological changes associated with reference to salinity. International Journal of Environmental Sciences, 1(6), 1192-1216.

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