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Swastik HarishLead – Urban Practitioners’ Programme
sharish at iihs dot ac dot in

B.Arch, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi


Swastik is a part of the design and implementation team for the IIHS Urban Practitioners’ Programme, the executive and continuing education function at IIHS. His main area of work is around housing for the urban poor, with a special focus on rental housing mechanisms. Besides these, he is also involved in capacity building programmes around heritage planning and management, data visualization and green building technologies and concepts. Swastik has earlier been involved in the planning, research and execution the development of various IIHS campuses, and has also assisted in the financial modelling for IIHS long term financial projections. He has also contributed significantly to the IT-based Pedagogic and Project Technology Systems.

In his 12 years of work experience, Swastik has founded a start-up architectural consultancy, worked as an independent architectural consultant and installation artist, and been faculty at many architectural design studios.

Besides his experience in his core areas of architecture and design as well as teaching and pedagogical design, Swastik has technical expertise in physical and virtual modelling (prototyping), and advanced proprietary and open source software.

Selected Publications
  1. Harish, S., Mangrulkar, A., & Sivashankar, M. (2017, Forthcoming). Use of primary healthcare infrastructure in Karnataka.
  2. Harish, S. (2017). Urban development, housing and ‘slums’. IIC Quarterly, 43, 3-4, 184-198.
  3. Harish, S. (2016, December 16).Mind the gap: Indian cities need 18 million houses– even as nine million houses lie vacant. in. (Serial No. 02)
  4. Harish, S. (2016). Public social rental housing in India. Economic & Political Weekly, 51(5), 49-56.
  5. Harish, S. (2015). Converting slums on ULB land to rental housing. The Administrator: Journal of LBSNAA, 56(2), 59-66.
  6. Bhan, G., Anand, G., Arakali, A., Deb, A., & Harish, S. (2014). Urban housing and exclusion. In India Exclusion Report 2014 (pp. 77-107). Bangalore: Books for Change.
  7. Harish, S. (2009). Dholavira: ancient water harnessing system. Context – Built, Living and Natural, 6(1).

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