Shyamala Suresh


Associate – Word Lab
shyamalas at iihs dot ac dot in

M.Com, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University
B.Com, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University


‘After her Post graduation in Commerce from Mount Carmel College, Shyamala worked with INK talks in varying capacities. The Next Billion Online program in association with Google was predominately what she worked on while at INK, where she researched and designed programs around using the internet for educational, social, and economic purposes. She worked with students, teachers, and women groups from varied social and economic backgrounds, where she tested a curriculum that she and her designed, they also built and ran different programs, and  initiated the Google Educators Group; a virtual platform for educators to share their practices, content, experiences, and techniques.

Subsequently, she worked with a team on designing a program for corporate leaders in India and was a part of the INK outreach program responsible for designing programs for the youth to engage, explore, and collaborate to bring out their latent potential for innovation.

She has, for the last three years been a part of ‘We Care for Malleswaram’ a residents initiative group which address issues around Solid Waste Management in the city. They have conducted awareness programs and have helped institutions, communities, individuals, and organizations set up Waste Management systems in their ecosystems. Composting and growing organically in urban spaces are also areas that they work on.

She is a freelance writer for The Alternative, where she writes on sustainability as a lifestyle.

At IIHS, Shyamala is part of the editorial team. She develops and designs content for the upcoming IIHS knowledge portal’