Robin Infant Raj

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Specialist Knowledge Management
robinr at iihs dot ac dot in

Master of Arts – Development Studies, Azim Premji University, Bangalore
Bachelor of Engineering, Hindustan College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai;


Robin is a Development professional with over five years of work experience. He has worked with software industry, NGO, Government and Academic institutions. His research interest, and subjects worked on are related to environmental sustainability, climate change, groundwater, pollution, public policy, development economics, and technology.

Selected Publications
  1. Raj, R. I. (2016, January). Free Basics. Paper presented at the National Conference on Media and Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur.
  2. Panda, R. & Raj, R. I. (2016, April 05). Party in Dalal Street or anguish in North Block‐ all eyes on Mint Street. Orissa Diary.
  3. Panda, R., & Raj, R.I. (2016, February 26). Union budget 2016-17: doing basics or experimenting. Orissa Diary.
  4. Panda, P. C., Panda, R., & Raj, R. I. (2016, January 01). Blue economy: opportunities and challenges for India. BizOdisha.
  5. Panda, R. & Raj, R.I. (2015). Make in India: a logical eventuality. In D.K. Srivastava, P.K. Chugan, N.C. Soni & N. Patel (Eds.), Macro and Micro Dynamics for Empowering Trade, Industry and Society (pp. 3‐12). New Delhi: Excel India Publishers.
  6. Raj, R, I. & Panda, R. (2015). Greek crisis: a macroeconomic analysis. OAKBROOK Business Review, 1(2), 35‐
  7. Panda, R., & Raj, R. I. (2015, May 12). No rain, no money. Orissa Post.
  8. Raj, R. I. (2014). Breaking barriers. Deccan Herald.

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