Rekha Raghunathan

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Senior Consultant – Word Lab
raghunathanr at iihs dot ac dot in

MBA, University of Hartford


Rekha Raghunathan has been a part of the Word Lab at IIHS since January 2015. She works with the editorial team to establish and help implement editorial processes across all IIHS teams for in-house publications, working papers, reports and policy briefs.

Earlier, she worked with Chillibreeze Solutions as Editor and managed a team of writers who wrote on various topics including legal, medical, business and other disciplines. In 2013, she began working with India Water Portal, a programme of the NGO Arghyam. As the Portal’s first editor, she helped create style guides and guidelines to tailor content around water, sanitation and related themes to cater to a lay audience. She manages a distributed team of subject matter experts to plan topical content for the portal and is also involved in building media outreach.

Rekha also consults as Editor with EMBARQ (World Resources Institute) in the space of urban transportation. A sports junkie and mum of two, she loves to play tennis and basketball, and reads and blogs in her spare time.

Selected Publications
  1. Raghunathan, R. (2016, March 23). The Yamuna, a song, and a dance. India Water Portal.
  2. Raghunathan, R. (2015, April 29). Amazon’s Aur Dikhao ad: all show, no tell. The Huffington Post.