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Senior Consultant – Academics & Research
nsami at iihs dot ac dot in

Ph.D. (Urban & Regional Planning), University of Michigan;Master of Management Studies,Rizvi Insititute of Management Studies, Mumbai University;Master in Environmental Management, Yale University;B.A., St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai University.

Academics & Research

Neha works on the political economy of land and governance in urban India. She is also interested in issues of brownfield redevelopment and planning for climate change.


Neha has worked with the Boston Redevelopment Authority as an analyst with the Economic Development Division. She has also worked as a consultant with the Environment and Sustainable Development Division of the UN-ESCAP (Bangkok).


Rackham Dissertation Fellowship, 2010; Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS) fellowship, 2008-2010; the Barbour Fellowship, 2007


Law and Governance in Urban Areas, Land and Economic Development I and II, Approaches to Housing

Selected Publications
  1. Sami, N. (2017). Learning by doing: urban planning in Bangalore. In S. Vidyarthi, S. Mathur & S. Agarwal (Eds.), Understanding India’s new approach to spatial planning and development: a salient shift? (90-113). New Delhi: Oxford University Press.
  2. Anand, S., & Sami, N. (2016, July). Apples and oranges: inter-regional comparisons within India. Paper presented at the RC21 International Conference on The transgressive city: comparative perspectives on governance and the possibilities of everyday life in the emerging global city. Mexico: El Colegio De México.
  3. Sami, N., and Anand, S. (2016). Scaling up, scaling down: state rescaling along the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Economic & Political Weekly, 51(17), 50-58.
  4. Revi, A., Jana, A., Malladi, T., Anand, G., Anand, S., Bazaz, A., . . . Shah, S. (2015). Urban India 2015: Evidence. Bangalore: Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
  5. Anand, S., & Sami, N. (2015). Urban corridors: strategies for economic and urban development (Working paper: C-35117-INC-1). London: International Growth Centre.
  6. Neha, S. & Shriya A. (2015, August).  Manufacturing cities: industrial policy and urban planning in India.  Paper presented at the RC21 International Conference on The ideal city: between myth and reality. Representations, policies, contradictions and challenges for tomorrow’s urban life, Urbino, Italy.
  7. Anand, S., & Sami, N. (2014, October). Scaling up: land use and economic development in India’s urban corridors. Paper presented at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning 2014: Big Ideas, Global Impacts Conference, Philadelphia.
  8. Loh, C. G., & Sami, N. (2013). Death of a planning department: challenges for regionalism in a weak mandate state. Land Use Policy, 32, 39-49.
  9. Revi, A. and Sami, N. (2013). Social science research and global environmental change in India and South Asia. In ISSC and UNESCO, World Social Science Report 2013: Changing Global Environments (pp. 198-206). Paris: OECD Publishing/Unesco Publishing.
  10. Sami, N. (2013). From farming to development: urban coalitions in Pune, India. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 37(1), 151-164.

For more details, see Google Scholar profile.

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