Kaye Lushington


Senior Associate – Legal & Regulation
klushington at iihs dot ac dot in

MA. Developmental Studies, TISS, Mumbai; Bachelors in Socio-Legal Studies & Law (BSL LLB)


Kaye Lushington works as a Senior Associate – Legal & Regulation at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. She holds degrees in Law from the Indian Law Society, Law College Pune and in Development Studies from the Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai. At IIHS she works on higher education regulatory framework and curriculum development. Her research interests focus on the intersections of law and policy especially on matters of development especially in law and institutional regulation, various forms of legal-regulatory due diligence, regulatory reform and decentralisation vis a vis town planning legislation in India, land and urban development as well as Intellectual Property Rights and their relevance and application in cultural knowledge production and economy.

Selected Publications
  1. Lushington, K., & Goswami, A. (2015). Metropolitan governance in India: legal-institutional challenges and prospects (IIHS-RF paper on metropolitan governance). Bangalore: Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
  2. Lushington, K. (2012). The registration of plant varieties by farmers in India: a status report. Review of Agrarian Studies, 2(1), 112-128.

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