Kavya Michael

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Post – Doctoral Fellow
kmichael at iihs dot ac dot in

Masters in Economics from Hyderabad Central University
Bachelors in Economics from K.E. College, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala


Kavya has submitted her PhD in Economics from School of Economics, University of Hyderabad. Her doctoral thesis has framed climate change as a classic political economy problem centered on the question ‘to whom’ or in other words “who gains and loses as climate change unfolds”. The thesis has focused on the linkages between inequalities and the environmental change in an Indian context with a special focus on climate change. She has examined access to carbon space and climate change resilience among various socio-economic classes in post reform India. As a part of her doctoral work she has also conducted a primary field study in Wayanad district of Kerala among the tribal communities. Her research interests broadly lie in political ecology, ecological economics, environmental justice as well as climate change vulnerability and resilience analysis.

In addition, she is passionate about bringing research to practice and champions the rights of a clean and safe environment for all. She is a member of “Initiative for Inequality” a global network of community members and advocates who are working on equity related issues. She enjoys travelling and is also a cinema lover.

Selected Publications
  1. Ziervogel, G., Pelling, M., Cartwright, A., Chu, E., Deshpande, T., Harris, L., … Zweig, P. (2017, Forthcoming). Inserting rights and justice into urban resilience : a focus on everyday risk. Environment & Urbanization.
  2. Michael, K., (2017, February). The political economy of climate change in India. Paper presented at the Ecological Challenges 2017, University of Oslo, Norway.
  3. Michael, K., & Vakulabharanam, V. (2015). Class and climate change in post-reform India. Climate and Development, 8(3), 224-233.
  4. Michael, K., & Sreeraj, A. P. (2015). Class inequality and climate change resilience: exploring the nexus in liberalized India. SSRN Electronic Journal. doi: 10.2139/ssrn.2572619
  5. Michael, K., & Vakulabharanam, V. (2014, June). A climate injustice model for India. Paper presented at the Norwich Earth System Governance Conference 2014: Access and Allocation in the Anthropocene, University of East Anglia, London, UK.
  6. Michael, K., & Vakulabharanam, V. (2012, March). Class inequality and climate change dynamics in India. Paper presented at the Plant Under Pressure Conference, Excel Convention Centre, London, UK.
  7. Michael, K. (2011). Feminine dimensions of energy. In M. K. Saralamma & M. S. Nair (Eds.), Development v/s Deprivation in the Era of Globalisation (pp. 278-291). Trivandrum: Vedam Publishers.

For more details, see Google Scholar profile.