Geetika Anand

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Senior Consultant – Practice
ganand at iihs dot ac dot in

MSc (Social Policy and Development) London School of Economics, UK; BPlan, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

Academics & Research

Geetika is currently studying Integrated Urban Water Management and inclusion of sustainability concerns in public programmes like JNNURM. She has taught as a visiting faculty in School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi.


Geetika has experience of working with a diverse set of agencies including the government, education institutions, NGOs, CBOs, and private sector. She has worked on a number of planning and development projects including preparation of Master Plans and City Development Plans, Rural Habitat Policy and Rural Tourism Plans. Her current work involves supporting the Bangalore Development Authority with the preparation of RfP and setting up a GIS cell for the next Master Plan.


Recipient of P. J. D. Wiles Scholarship at the London School of Economics


Built Form, Infrastructure and Sustainability, Integrated Practica, Integrated Urban Water Management

Selected Publications
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For more details, see Google Scholar profile.