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Lead –  Academics & Research
gbhan at iihs dot co dot in

PhD, University of California, Berkeley.
MA, University of Chicago.
B.A Political Economy of Development, Amherst College.

Academics & Research

Gautam works on the politics of poverty, inequality and development in Indian cities with a focus on housing, social security, governance and urban and planning theory. He co-anchors on-going research at IIHS on “Reframing Urban Inclusion.” Most recently, he co-authored Swept off the Map: Surviving Eviction and Resettlement in Delhi as well as several journal articles


Gautam has extensive experience in advising public institutions including providing inputs to the Rajiv Awas Yojana and the New Delhi Municipal Act. He is an active part of urban social movements as well as a frequent columnist and writer in diverse media.


Fellow, Social Science Research Council 2009-10; Berkeley Fellow 2007-2012; Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement, College of Environmental Design, Berkeley 2012


Urban Economy and Society, Law and Governance in Urban Areas, Land and Economic Development I and II, Approaches to Housing, Innovative Responses to Urban Poverty

Selected Publications
  1. Bhan, G., Srinivas, S., and Watson, V. (2017, Forthcoming) Routledge companion to planning in the global south. London: Routledge.
  2. Bhan, G. (2017, Forthcoming).  From the Basti to the “house”: socio-spatial readings of housing policy in India. Current Sociology.
  3. Bhan, G. (2017, Forthcoming). Where is citizenship? thoughts from the Basti. Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  4. Bhan, G. (2017, February 4). India in 10 years: city as a site of trade-offs. Live Mint.
  5. Bhan, G., & Deb, A. (2017). Indispensable yet inaccessible: the paradoxes of adequate housing in urban India. In K. Kannabiran & A. Hans (Eds.), India Social Development Report 2016: Disability Rights Perspectives (pp. 229-238). New Delhi: Oxford University Press.
  6. Bhan, G. (2016, June).  Asking the wrong question: smart cities in contemporary urban India. In J. Stollmann, K. Wolf, A. Bruck, S. Frank, A. Million, P. Misselwitz, … C. Schroder (Eds.), Beware of Smart People: Redefining the Smart City Paradigm towards Inclusive Urbanism (pp. 103-112). Berlin: Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin.
  7. Bhan, G. (2016). In the public’s interest: evictions, citizenship and inequality in contemporary Delhi. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan.
  8. Revi, A., Jana, A., Malladi, T., Anand, G., Anand, S., Bazaz, A., . . . Shah, S. (2015). Urban India 2015: Evidence. Bangalore: Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
  9. Bhan, G., & Jana, A. (2015). Reading spatial inequality in urban India. Economic & Political Weekly, 50(22), 49-54.
  10. Bhan, G., Goswami, A., & Revi, A. (2014). The Intent to Reside: Spatial Illegality, Inclusive Planning and Urban Social Security. In O. P. Mathur (Ed.), Inclusive Urban Planning: State of the Urban Poor Report 2013 (pp. 83-94). New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

For more details, see Google Scholar profile.

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