Arjun Srinivas

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Associate – Practice
asrinivas at iihs dot ac dot in

MSc. (Economics), Madras School of Economics.
B.A (Hons) Economics from Hindu College, Delhi University.


Arjun is an Economist by training, and is currently working with the CARIAA-ASSAR, a climate change and adaptation project, focused on semi – arid regions in India. His research interests lie primarily in the sphere of development economics, and he is involved in the assessment of socio-economic vulnerability of individual households, with a particular emphasis on climate related risks.

Furthermore, he has a keen interest in questions of Political Economy and Well-Being and contributes to the research being conducted under the School of Economic Development in IIHS.

Prior to IIHS, Arjun has worked with Equifax, a leading credit bureau as an Analytics Consultant. He also has prior experience in Journalism, having interned with The Economic Times, India’s leading financial daily.

Selected Publications
  1. Srinivas, A. (2017, May 10). Living amidst filth, they clean Bengaluru. Citizen Matters.
  2. Singh, C., Basu, R., & Srinivas, A. (2016). Livelihood vulnerability and adaptation in Kolar district, Karnataka, India: mapping risks and responses. Short Report. Cape Town: ASSAR.
  3. Srinivas, A. (2016, November 16). A cross-regional perspective: reflections from the ASSAR-SOG exchange at the University of Cape Town. ASSAR Blog.
  4. Srinivas, A. (2016, July 24). Drought, resilience and antifragility in Kolar and Mandya. The Wire.
  5. Deshpande, T., Srinivas, A., & Singh, C. (2016, January 18). Whose assessment counts? The difficulty of measuring vulnerability. ASSAR Blog.
  6. Srinivas, A. (2014, November 03). Disruptive lesser loyalties in contemporary India. LSE South-Asia blog.
  7. Srinivas, A. (2013, June 21). Smartphone apps automating customer care work with analytics, reducing workload on staff. The Economic Times.

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