Amol Mangrulkar

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Consultant – Design Lab
amangrulkar at iihs dot ac dot in

Masters in Environmental Planning from CEPT University, Ahmedabad
Bachelors in Architecture from SV College of Architecture, Hyderabad


Amol Mangrulkar is currently working on IIHS Kengeri campus development and other IIHS Design Lab projects which includes Architectural and Environmental Design, prototyping and creation of policies, standards and guidelines for clients, etc.

Amol Mangrulkar has a degree of Bachelors in Architecture (with University gold medal) from SV College of Architecture, Hyderabad and Masters in Environmental Planning from CEPT University, Ahmadabad. He has an overall 7 years of professional experience in Architecture and planning while working with Development Alternatives in New Delhi, Centre for Vernacular Architecture in Bangalore, Ladakh Ecological Development Gorup in Leh, Ladakh and Sandilya Consulting Engineers in Hyderabad. His interest areas include Credit  based eco housing, capacity building of masons and rural women in production of  eco-friendly building materials and construction technologies, climate responsive design of buildings, impacts of climate change on construction industry, water and sanitation, etc. He has experience of working on projects with  Central Government departments like Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Military Engineering Services (MES), Department of Science & Technology (DST) and State Government Department like Telangana / AP state Housing Corporation, Andhra Pradesh Rajiv Swagruha Corporation, Andhra  Pradesh Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation, Telangana State Forest Academy, Hyderabad Metro Rail,  Madhya Pradesh Road and Rural Development Authority, etc.   He has experience of working in New Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Selected Publications
  1. Harish, S., Mangrulkar, A., & Sivashankar, M. (2016, Forthcoming). Use of primary healthcare infrastructure in Karnataka.
  2. Srivastava, A., & Mangrulkar, A. (2016). Eco toilet delivery model. In P. Sivaram, R. Ramesh, Y. G. Reddy (Eds.). NIRDPR2016 Proceedings. Paper presented at the National Seminar on Rural Sanitation in India: Achievements, Trends & Challenges (237-251). Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj.
  3. Mangrulkar, A. (2016, May). Credit based eco-housing model for rural areas of India. Paper presented at the Mid Term Session & Seminar on Use of New Technologies in Construction of Affordable Housing, Indian Building Congress, New Delhi.
  4. Mangrulkar, A. (2013, October 12). Service delivery model for eco-habitat: a case study of NUSgram, Alwar. Development Alternatives Newsletter.
  5. Mangrulkar, A. (2013, March 13). What’s new in habitat? ‘build together pay together’ model. Development Alternatives Newsletter.
  6. Mangrulkar, A. (2012, October 11). Small steps, big achievements – towards green enterprises of eco building materials. Development Alternatives Newsletter.
  7. Mangrulkar, A. (2012, October 12). Towards green lifestyle – economic perspective of eco-friendly building construction for rural housing. Development Alternatives Newsletter.

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