Aditi Surie

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Senior Associate – Academics & Research
asurie at iihs dot ac dot in

M.A. Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi;
B.A. (Hons) Sociology, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi


Aditi has been involved in short and long-term multilingual research projects in India and abroad, where she carried out fieldwork based in-depth interviews and surveys over the past seven years. During her Masters she was able to carry out short-term field in France which enabled her to create European society as an object of inquiry as an Indian scholar, which reversed the usual trajectory of research. After this, she worked as a research associate at the Centre de Sciences Humaines de Delhi where she focused on small town urbanization.  She was part of a project on the sociological study of the elites of five small towns in Haryana as a measure of the decentralization process entailed in the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act. She worked personally on assessing how urban spaces in these small towns were being carved for women and how this spatial development related to the political work of female councillors in these towns. Aditi then worked in an a global research institute called the International Center for Research on Women. She worked on a number of gender-policy projects such as women’s entrepreneurship in the Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises Sector, measuring adolescent girls’ empowerment, studies on son preference and masculinity.

Selected Publications
  1. Surie, A. (2017). Tech in work: organising informal work in India. Economic & Political Weekly, 52(20), 12-15.
  2. Surie, A., & Zerah, M-H. (2017). Purdah and politics: Women’s participation in local governance. In E. Denis & M-H. Zérah (Eds.), Subaltern urbanisation in India: an introduction to the dynamics of ordinary towns (pp. 397-420). New Delhi: Springer.
  3. Surie, A., & Koduganti, J. (2016). The emerging nature of work in platform economy companies in Bengaluru, India: case of Uber and Ola cab drivers. E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies5(3), 1-36.
  4. Surie, A. (2016, April 28). The Indian Uber driver. The Indian Express.
  5. Surie, A. (2014, November 11). Where are the women in make in India’s vision? The Mint.

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