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Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC), situated in São Paulo’s, ABC region, was created to contribute to the complete education of the Brazilian people, to advance knowledge in the natural sciences, engineering, urban planning and development and the human sciences, and to meet the demands of the productive sector and public administration.

UFABC also aims to explore new scientific, technological and social trajectories and contribute to the material and intellectual welfare of the people of Brazil.


The agreement between IIHS and UFABC establishes an academic, scientific and cultural relationship between the two institutions. It involves joint programmes around the exchange of faculty, technical staff and students and participation in joint research, course and case development and academic meetings. The two partners will exchange experience on pedagogy and institutional development. Both IIHS and UFABC will work towards Indo-Brazil technical and scientific co-operation, in addition to other activities of common interests.