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Founded in 1829, the University of Cape Town (UCT) has a proud tradition of academic excellence and effecting social change and development brought about by its faculty and students. The African Center for Cities (ACC) at UCT provides a platform to the scholars and postgraduate students of UCT, who are interested in inter-disciplinary research on African cities.

The ACC was established in response to the growing recognition world-wide of the importance of cities, and particularly the cities of the global South. The primary objectives of ACC are to partner closely with local and global policy-making centres on critical urban issues; and provide an intellectual base for interdisciplinary, urban-related research at UCT.

IIHS-ACC collaboration

The IIHS-ACC collaboration seeks to leverage ACC‘s African perspective on sustainable urban development in the global South. The IIHS-ACC Memorandum of Association focuses on joint research, publications, curriculum and case development. This has led to three joint workshops in South Africa and India over 2010-11 and joint participation in conferences in Africa, Europe and India.

IIHS Curriculum co-creation

ACC has participated in the development of the MUP curriculum, specifically on planning, urban theory, and around the cities of the South. They are also involved in developing a set of innovative and interdisciplinary teaching and research cases based on the experiences of Indian and African cities