Shirish B Patel

Shirish B Patel founded Shirish Patel & Associates, one of India’s leading civil engineering consulting firms in 1960 and has a sustained interest in urban affairs. He was one of the three authors of the New Bombay project in 1965, subsequently taking over as the Director of Planning and Works of ClDCO where he was in charge of city planning, design and execution. He was Founder–Director of HDFC, a Member of the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee and a member of the Executive Committee of the Bombay Metropolitan Regional Planning Board for 13 years. He graduated from Cambridge University with an MA (Hons.) in Mechanical Sciences and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, India, the Institution of Civil Engineers (London) and the American Concrete Institute. A civil engineer at heart, his interests extend to engineering design of public works, factory and urban planning, urban affairs and other complex challenges that benefit from an interdisciplinary approach.